House of Terror Museum

 While giving information about the places to be seen in Budapest, it is impossible not to mention its baths, because the city is also called the "City of Baths". For those wondering where the bath culture in Budapest came from, I can remind you that the city remained under Ottoman rule for many years. In general, it is quite possible to encounter many things that are not foreign to Turkish culture in Budapest. As for the Széchenyi Thermal Bath, it is the largest thermal spa in the city, and even in Europe, with healing hot springs and rich spring waters. There are 15 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools in the complex. It has the potential to surprise its visitors with a view you would probably never expect from a spa. The 3 huge domed bay windows adorning the front façade gave the building an air of palace. Sculptures, ornaments, vases and fountains in the entrance, roof and pool areas are among the dazzling details in Széchenyi. Hungarians often organize parties here. You can